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You never heard about CBD wine or it’s something new for you? Well, you’ll be surprised to find out that CBD wine or cannabis wine is not a novelty. According to specialists, wine containing cannabis products exist for thousands of years and they may be among the very first products that were made out of this plant. So, what we are experiencing at the moment is not the discovery of cannabis wine, but a comeback of this particular wine version. If you continue reading this article, you will discover interesting facts about CBD wine and why some people prefer it.

CBD wine has low to no alcohol content

In most CBD shops that sell CBD wine, it is possible to find an assortment that contains no alcohol. More precisely, the properties of this beverage are given by the cannabis extracts and not by the alcohol. In fact, some states do not allow mixing CBD or cannabis products with alcohol. Therefore, beverages containing CBD or cannabis extracts should have all alcohol removed. If you want to sell such products, it is recommended to become familiar with the law and regulations.

The process of infusing wine with cannabis

The first step to making cannabis wine is to start with the dealcoholizing process of the wine. All the alcohol contained by the wine should be removed before the infusion process begins. Usually, wine manufacturers send the dealcoholized wine to cannabis producers that can infuse the wine with cannabis extracts. The best method for the infusion of wine is with the help of nanoemulsions. Nanoemulsions are practically cannabis molecules that have been broken down to a smaller size, so they can mix easier with liquids. These nanoemulsions are also very stable, not changing the beverage’s smell, taste, and color.

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Why people prefer CBD wine
Would you like to enjoy a beverage, but you dislike the hangover experienced the next day? In this case, a bottle of cannabis wine is just what you need. Free of alcohol, you won’t experience any kind of intoxication. Infused with CBD, this wine will help you relax and will improve your mood, without any unpleasant side-effects. There are quite a few among us that don’t drink alcohol and could appreciate a non-alcoholic beverage that is actually not soda or juice. The idea of serving a glass of non-alcoholic wine can be appealing to many, as this select drink can be finally enjoyed with no risks involved.

The dose can be adjusted with ease

If you’re looking to get the benefits of CBD is a rather fast manner and control the dose with ease, unlike some CBD edibles, CBD infused wine provides fast effects that last rather long. One serving of wine contains a low dose of CBD, but even so, it is possible to feel its effects in approximately 20 minutes. And the span of these effects can last for one whole hour. Some say that previous versions of CBD drinks were very much like CBD edibles. Containing a large amount of CBD, which was very potent and hard to dose. Not to mention the high content of sugar in these products. Thus, CBD wine is a great alternative to all of these and provides an alcohol-free alternative to those who said no to alcohol.